Our Story

Saltwoods was started in January 2014, after Dan Crossman decided to leave his 12yr corporate career in Germany, and pursue his passion for woodworking and design. With a strong understanding of custom manufacturing, he was often disappointed and frustrated to see the poor quality, selection, and lack of customization the big furniture stores were offering. He decided to apply the same manufacturing techniques he learned to build stronger, better tables while offering more options. By blending fabrication techniques, Saltwoods is able to offer more options, cut down on the lead time, and insure higher quality. It is time to shake up the sleepy furniture industry. American custom crafted tables built to last.

Our Name

The name Saltwoods, was born after working on a salvaged piece of white oak from the Boston navy shipyards. The wood had been stored in a salt-water pond to preserve it for future reconstruction of the USS Constitution. The salt had preserved the old-growth lumber and given it a hardness and patina that was incredibly unique and appealing.

Our Wood

We work closely with lumber yards and demolition crews along the east coast to find the best hardwoods for tables; fallen trees, abandoned barns, and even the skeletons of old industrial buildings. Every one of our tables is a one-of-a-kind creation in cut and design. Many large scale furniture manufacturers cut away “nature’s imperfections” in the wood they use, while we at Saltwoods consider these markings to be the “salt” of life, unique features that lend character and beauty to our products. Browse our library of wood to choose which wood suits your taste.

Custom Workshop

Allow us to create the perfect custom made table for your home or business. We will work closely with you to choose the right wood, size table, leg style, and stain/finish. All tables are custom built, although there may be a few on the showroom floor that catch your eye. Simply write us a short email or call us with an idea of what you are looking for and we will respond quickly with prices and options.

Our Location

Our workshop finds its home about just outside of Boston, in Watertown, MA. Please contact us if you would like to come by to view our studio and see our handcrafted tables, species of wood, stains options, or simple discuss your needs for a custom table.


Our People

Dan Crossman of Saltwoods - Reclaimed wood farm tables

Dan Crossman

CEO & Founder
Roland of Saltwoods.com - Reclaimed wood farm tables

Roland Jackson

Production Coordinator

Dan Hughes

Conley of Saltwoods.com - Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables