Saltwoods is happy to now offer live edge and slabs. The process of obtaining a slab of live edge wood is a unique process and a very personal experience. Live edge wood is great for dining tables, kitchen island tops, conference tables and coffee tables.

What is “Live Edge”?
When a tree is cut down, it can be milled along the length of the tree trunk. These “slabs” are then left with the natural curves of the edges of the tree. The bark is removed from both edges but the natural, or “live” edge is left, leaving the tree’s natural beauty. Because of this, no two slabs are the same. Within the same type of tree or even the same exact tree, the grain varies and the movement of the edges may be more or less even. No two trees grow the same, and every slab has a different personality.

From Your Hands to Ours
Due to the unique nature of the product, our clients are encouraged to hand-select their live edge slab. Saltwoods welcomes customers to find their own unique live edge slabs for us to work with, or we can highly recommend our friends at Berkshire Products in Western Massachusetts. Below is a database showing their current inventory. The prices you’ll see are the cost of the slab only - because every slab is different, we do pricing on an individual basis. From there we’ll add on the cost of the labor, any additional parts and shipping. Please keep in mind that thickness is an important factor that each application is dependent upon. For most applications, a thickness of 6/4” or more will suffice.